ITP Monitoring Tracker Splenectomy Early Detection
Keeping track of your platelet count is a critical part of monitoring your ITP treatment. Our worksheet will help make it easier.
Beauty pageant queen Danielle Schmidt is proof that ITP does not have to stand in your way of living life with style and grace.
Although no one knows for sure what causes ITP, being aware of common symptoms can put you on a faster path to treatment.

"My ITP Has a Silver Lining"

Patients find a bright side to
living with the condition.

Exercise With ITP

You can stay active with ITP, whether you’re at home, at the gym or outdoors. Follow these safety tips.

When Your Child Has ITP

You can help your child manage day-to-day life with ITP.  

ITP Resources

Are you looking for more information on ITP? Get the answers you want and the support you need.